Winning Tactics For Best Car Insurance For Young Women

Teen drivers pay the highest car insurance rates imaginable. As your driving career develops factors from young adulthood and driving experience and good grades are used to determine your payoff. Your driving experience and credit score also affect the price you pay for your auto insurance policy.

Young drivers in their teens and early 20s with clean driving records and good credit histories can expect their auto insurance rates to drop significantly. They may not be as humble as your parents but they will be more humble than teenage drivers. If on the other hand your driving record shows too many speeding or DUI tickets expect to continue to see very high charges. The same thing happens if your credit score is low. In most states auto insurance companies can charge higher insurance premiums for drivers with lower credit ratings. Finally the driver behind the wheel and your confidence will give you cheaper car insurance.

While paying for car insurance is far from the most enjoyable part of driving getting behind the wheel is a necessary part. It is now accepted in almost every state and most finance companies require it if you have a car loan. In addition most employment contracts require employers to provide certain types and levels of insurance. Many factors play a role in determining insurance rates so its important to share your unique information with insurance companies so you can find the best car insurance rates for your specific situation and needs.

Why Is Gender Used To Determine Car Insurance Premiums?

Car insurance depends on many factors but one type is controversial. Some states do not allow insurance companies to consider gender when determining how much to pay for auto insurance but most in the United States.

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Gender is often one of the things that insurance companies look at when figuring out how much to pay for car insurance. Women sometimes pay less than men because they have fewer accidents overall as well as fewer DUIs and fewer serious accidents.

The difference in premium paid by men and women depends on the insurance company and their age. Women ages 16 to 24 pay $500 less per year for auto insurance than men. Insurance companies generally charge women 55 and under more than men.

Which Is Higher For Mens Or Womens Car Insurance?

Insurance companies dont tell people directly why some people pay more for car insurance than others. But usually insurers ask more for people who are statistically more likely to have an accident or claim.In other words insurance companies have found that boys and young men are more likely to be involved in car accidents than other people and even more so than young women. Young people may buy sports cars more often to drive fast or take risks while driving.

In most cases car insurance premiums are the same for men and women. The difference in insurance premiums for adult male and female drivers was small. In general men pay slightly more for car insurance than women but the difference is only 1%. Teenagers and young adults show the most differences.

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Best Car Insurance For Young Women


USAA ranks among the best auto insurance companies in the country. In addition to affordable auto insurance rates USAA for Youth has a solid reputation among member clients for handling the claims of more than 85% of USAA clients. It says possible or very likely. USAA Young Adult Driver offers the highest prices in our analysis. A young adult driver can expect to pay $1.086 per year for auto insurance through USAA. According to the data the average annual income of a woman at this age is $1033. According to a survey of major insurance companies in the United States both save more than $400 on average for this age group.

This auto insurance company caters to current military members honorably discharged former military veterans and their eligible family members so many consumers do not qualify for membership.


Geico is in the top half of our ranking of the best auto insurance companies. Geicos customers are generally satisfied with the way the company handles auto insurance policy inquiries. Most people would recommend this company to others looking for auto insurance. Research shows that Geicos prices are some of the lowest in the industry. Geico is one of the cheapest young adult driver profile insurance companies. Individual rates may vary for a number of reasons but research shows that young adult male drivers can expect to pay $1185 per year while young women can expect to pay $1228. Tuition for men is nearly $400 more than the national average for young driver profiles and tuition for women is $250 more than the national average.

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State Farm

State Farm ranks in the top third of the best auto insurance companies. Customers note the ease of filing complaints and the companys customer service. Some respondents said that their long stay with State Farm helped them get the best value and service. Youngsters looking for an insurance policy may find that State Farm doesnt have the lowest rates but they are cheaper than average. A young female driver in our study could expect annual coverage of $1262 while a male policy would cost about $1396. Those study rates were $225 and $158 respectively which are below the average rates for this age group at the nine companies in our study.


The best car insurance for young women companies shows Traveler at the bottom of the list. Many of the companys rates are reliable but lag behind its competitors in customer loyalty and satisfaction. The companys representative rates for young adult drivers in our studies are not the lowest in our analysis but are still relatively affordable. A representative rate for young female drivers in our study was $1348 per year while a sample of male customers surveyed had a rate of $1398. Representative fees are $140 and $156 per year respectively less than the average of the nine new driver companies.