Now You Can Have Your Wisconsin Car Insurance

Wisconsin has been a national leader in transportation throughout its history. Its no wonder Wisconsins state of mind is passing. One of the worlds first self-propelled vehicles was the steam buggy invented by Dr. J.W. Carhart of Racine in 1871. In 1918 Wisconsin became the first state to establish a toll road system and in 1958 it became the first state to complete its major interstate highways. But you need the right auto insurance to cover you and your vehicle in the event of an accident no matter when and how you drive in Wisconsin. You can get a Wisconsin insurance quote online.

Driving without insurance is illegal in Wisconsin. Drivers in Wisconsin are required to have the following auto insurance: bodily injury to others property damage and uninsured motorist coverage.

What Is The Average Cost Of Wisconsin Car Insurance?

The average Wisconsin auto insurance premium is $1.080 per year. This is 27,4% below the national average. Of course the cost of car insurance depends on many factors including your age and driving history where you live. Some people get minimal coverage while others prefer more coverage for convenience and security. Liberty Mutual customizes Wisconsin auto insurance so you only pay for what you need.

What The Best Wisconsin Car Insurance

The best Wisconsin car insurance depends on you and your unique situation. You can decide which auto insurance provider is best for you by looking at the most favorable coverage and competitive premiums. But every Wisconsin driver tends to prioritize different factors. When looking for the best auto insurance in Wisconsin criteria you should consider include a companys mobile and online accessibility claims processing facilities and tracking its financial strength third-party customer satisfaction scores or the coverage it offers need.

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With so many car insurance options for drivers finding the best car insurance company for the coverage options you need can be difficult. After checking and comparing dozens of companies the top auto insurance companies in Wisconsin are USAA, State Farm, and Geico. By comparing quotes from the best insurers in your area you can get the lowest prices for minimum or full coverage auto insurance.


USAA may be a top priority for Wisconsin military families because of its relatively low premiums and special coverage for veteran military members and their immediate family members. The company consistently has the highest customer satisfaction scores and the highest bank rate score of any listed provider. This is due to reliable claims handling and strong reputation in the insurance industry. USAA membership qualifications and coverage vary by military association but its helpful to know that qualified drivers are more likely to be stationed or stationed anywhere in the United States.

State Farm

State Farms prices are not much higher than USAAs and as the nations largest auto insurance company State Farm has an extensive network of local agents who can help you research and select a policy. Those looking for auto insurance in Wisconsin may find that State Farm teen driver incentives and carpool insurance options like Steer Clear suit their needs. Safe drivers can save up to 30% after participating in the Drive Safe and Save program and demonstrating responsible driving habits. While State Farm doesn’t offer as many coverage options as other providers it does offer solid bank accounts and a Level 3 rating in the Wisconsin area to meet the needs of JD Power customers.

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Geico is consistently one of the best insurance companies for affordable premiums for most demographics regardless of credit score driving history or location. Although the coverage is relatively basic compared to other providers in terms of add-ons and additional features Geico customers have many opportunities to save. For example Wisconsin drivers can save up to 23 percent on their premiums for installing airbags or anti-theft systems according to Geico. Geico is one of the few companies that has discounts for qualified military personnel and federal employees.


Although Progressive has the highest average annual rates of these five minimum and comprehensive car insurance rates in Wisconsin Progressive still has a lot to offer the right driver. For example the Progressive Name Your Price tool can help you determine the best coverage for your budget. The insurer also breaks down various lines such as teen drivers cards and many other policies that can be submitted for free overall insurance. Wisconsin drivers can protect their custom parts and equipment with Progressive Vehicles which offers up to $5000 in coverage for things like custom stereos wheels and paint jobs.


Similar Geico Peregrine is probably the best option with a basic warranty and some discount options. Its worth noting that Peregrine doesnt score high with a customer satisfaction rating 20 points below the industry average. However it is important for Peregrine to add features you may be interested in such as road assistance insurance new car insurance and accident insurance. Authors can also gain confidence from the knowledge that Voyager is winning CIO 100 awards in 2020 and 2021. In 2021 Voyager is expanding their horizons to make the drafting process more efficient and accurate.

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Wisconsin Car Insurance Discounts

Wisconsin auto insurance discounts can help you save money on auto insurance. Discount rates may vary from insurer to insurer and the amount of money you can save by applying a discount may vary. Get the best car insurance rates in Wisconsin with the following discounts:

Young Driver Discount: Many providers offer at least one discount to young drivers to lower their premiums. This could include a discount for good grades going to college away from home or a safe driving program for drivers under 21.

Safe Driver Discounts: Maintaining a clean driving record usually makes insurance more expensive but you can apply for the Safe Driver Program. Many insurance companies have telematics devices or apps that monitor a drivers driving experience and calculate deductibles based on actions such as soft braking or driving over the speed limit.

Other Discounts: There are various discounts some of which are specific to certain providers. For example some insurance companies offer discounted rates for electric car insurance while others offer options only available to utility groups. Other discount options include using an anti-theft system completing a drivers education course and subscribing to a home and car operator.