Succeed With Get Multiple Car Insurance Quotes

Get Multiple car insurance quotes covers multiple vehicles under one policy from one provider. You get all good standard insurance but you usually get a discount for every vehicle you pay for.

Multi car insurance can give you what it takes to cover all your vehicles both cars and vans under one single policy. So, everything renews at the same time, and you only pay one renewal price. That means one set of paperwork, one renewal date, zero fuss.

Some providers also let you add multiple vehicle damage coverage and other optional extras that apply to all drivers and vehicles in your policy.

How Does Multiple Car Insurance Quotes Work?

Get Multi car insurance Quotes allows you to combine multiple car insurance policies. Most insurers offer discounts for each car that you renew the policy, meaning you could all save money. You get the same benefits offered from an individual car insurance policy, but with added discounts. Insurers sometimes offer cover for up to 7 cars on one policy.

Normally you should all live at the same address but some providers will cover family members who live at different addresses.

If all the cars in your current home have insurance that expires on a different date dont worry. You can set a start date in the future so that everyone is subject to multiple automated policies when a single policy expires.

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Should You Choose Multiple Car Insurance?

Get Multiple car insurance Quotes is generally suitable for households where all drivers live at the same address. This is because this usually only applies to vehicles stored at one address but some multi-vehicle policies allow cars to be away from home for long periods of time. This is good news for kids out of college.

Check the terms and conditions to see if your insurance company will cover family members living at different addresses. You may find it easier to work with one insurance company than many but be aware that not all providers cover all cars on one policy. The biggest advantage is the Multicar discount however there are other advantages and disadvantages to consider:


  • Managing all drivers and cars under one multi-car insurance policy can streamline paperwork and handle any claims.
  • Each driver keeps their claim even if all drivers are under the same policy.
  • This means that your claim will not be affected if someone else has to file a claim. But make sure your policy documents are safe. Some policies cover the car from home for several years which is helpful if you have older children in college.
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  • Having inexperienced drivers or people with car confidence in multi-vehicle policies adds to the overall cost. In this case its also a good idea to compare the offers of different policies to see if you can afford it.
  • Depending on how the policy is linked if one driver makes a claim it could increase the future value of the other drivers on the policy.
  • The payment method for multiple car insurance is annual or monthly just like single car insurance. If you sync your renewals it means paying a big bill every year. If it is not affordable you will pay interest every month which can lead to many car discounts.

Is Multiple Car Insurance Cheaper?

Theres no guarantee it will be cheaper than another policy but its worth checking. To find out which is cheaper compare and total car insurance quotes and try multiple car quotes to see if they are cheaper. Be sure to do a like-for-like comparison when it comes to the coverage levels and features you want. So if you want comprehensive cover that includes statutory cover and European driving insurance simply compare prices for policies that include them.

The age of the driver and the car insurance group are the two main factors that affect the price. It means that combining a 50-year-old BMW i8 and an 18-year-old driving a modified Citroen C3 for the design of many car insurers depends on the individual risk roles. But there are many other things that affect the price. Your driving history whether youve claimed penalty points before and where you live can also affect the cost.

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What Level Of Coverage Can I Get With Multiple Car Insurance?

Like the standard single vehicle policy you can choose from three levels of coverage.

  • Third party car insurance is the lowest level of cover and is the minimum legal cover required to drive. It protects you and your passengers if you damage other peoples property or get injured while driving. This level of protection is not necessarily the cheapest solution.
  • Third party fire and theft insures you against damage to other peoples cars or their property including your passengers. It does not include cover for damage to your car. But if it is stolen or damaged by fire it will repair or replace it.
  • Comprehensive car insurance offers excellent coverage that protects you your car and other people and their property. It can sometimes be the cheapest option even though it offers comprehensive car insurance with the most coverage.