Want More Money? Start Invest Buy BRI Stocks

Stock is simply the ownership of a company. For example, BRI shares are like pizza, we can get a small pizza of 0.00, we become owners of BRI if we buy BRI shares. How to invest in buying BRI stocks?

Why You Should Invest in Stocks

Every year money will experience inflation of 3-4% per year. If you save money, for example, currently 5 million, you can buy 5 grams of gold, but 10 years from now, the money you save won’t be able to buy 5 grams of gold anymore.

If we buy ownership of companies that are already large, if they generate profits, we will also receive profits in accordance with the shares we own. So we don’t need to be tired from work, all we have to do is sit back, relax, drink coffee, sleep, we can benefit.

However, you need to pay attention to the shares of the company you buy, because stock investment is a high-risk investment. Stock investment will suffer losses if there is a decline in share prices and there is also a risk if the company goes bankrupt.

However, stock investment can also provide high returns or profits in accordance with the principle of high risk high gain. For that you have to pay attention to the stock company that you are going to buy. Make sure the shares are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and have a permit from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Benefits of BRI Stock Investment

1. Been Active for a Long Time on the Stock Exchange

Even though the stock has had a long active period, it does not mean that it is a blue chip stock. Issuers that have been listed on the stock exchange for a long time, usually issuers will see significant profit growth and development of the company’s shares from year to year. These are the so-called blue chips.

2. Has a Large Market Capitalization

One of the main keys for a trader in choosing stocks is one that has a large capitalization. Most traders prefer stocks with short-term gains. Because traders don’t want to be in the stocks of large companies with stable income.

Many traders are not interested in stocks with quite risky movements because they offer a fairly high risk of loss. Indeed, it generates large profits in the short term, but if you are not careful, it will cause big losses for investors.

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In contrast to the large market capitalization or market cap that investors are looking for. The stock price movement is quite stable. There is no significant rising or falling stock trend if you have a large capital cap.

3. Investors and Traders Frequent Transactions in BRI Shares

Why do many traders invest in BRI shares? because the shares are liquid. Liquid stocks mean shares that are easy to liquidate because many traders make transactions buying or selling shares. So it’s no wonder that many investors and traders like to trade BRI stocks using the BBRI code.

4. Has the Largest Customer Base

There is no doubt that BRI has the largest customer base and is also supported by strong capital and the widest network. BRI has a network of 9,582 offices, 28,000 BRILink agents, and 222,000 e-channels throughout Indonesia.

Stock Investment Tips

A beginner, of course, needs to better understand what stock investment is. Especially if you want to buy shares. If you want to invest in buying BRI shares, here are the tips for buying shares below:

1. Find Accurate Information

Information is very necessary in investing, especially for a beginner. Investors can find out more about stocks through various sources. One of the main sources which is the main reference is from the official website of the Indonesian Stock Exchange or IDX. You can get a lot of information about stocks and issuers here.

You have to learn about stocks one by one. Such as JCI indicators, stock indices, company financial reports, stock market trends, stock trading mechanisms and others. This is important to do so that you are not wrong in investing the funds you have.

2. Join the Stock Community

If you want to learn about buying stocks in more detail, it’s important to join a community or attend a stock seminar. This method is done to increase knowledge about the world of stock investment.

Having a community will certainly make someone more proactive and diligent in seeking information about joint promotions. Not only that, there’s nothing wrong with joining the Capital Markets School. This school is held directly by the IDX or the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

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3. Make Calculations

Kamy must do the right calculations in investing in stocks. If done carelessly without any careful calculation will be self-defeating. Do not follow the trend without being accompanied by sufficient knowledge.

You have to know the company where to buy shares, especially if you know the owner, of course it will be even better. It is important to choose a company that can be trusted and has a good reputation. Such as prospect valuation, as well as stock projections in the future.

4. Learn the Risks

In general, investment is also quite risky, meaning that large stock returns will be proportional to the high risk as well. You need to consider the risks so you don’t lose in investing in stocks.

Many factors need to be considered before deciding whether to buy or sell a stock. This is important to do so as not to cause losses.

5. Don’t Use Hot Money

As we know stock investment has a big risk. To invest in stocks, don’t use hot money, meaning don’t invest using money for daily necessities, school fees or emergency funds. For investment, it is better to use unemployed savings at the bank.

Do not use borrowed money for stock investments, especially online loans. Because debt must be paid plus interest periodically. Meanwhile investing in stocks can provide benefits, some short term and some long term.

How to Invest Buy BRI Stocks

The following are the requirements for opening a stock account at a securities company online:

  • Photo of personal data (e-KTP)
  • Selfie photo while holding ID card
  • Photo of NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) if any. If you don’t have one, you can use the NPWP from your parents
  • Photo of personal savings account on the front page
  • Complete the form for opening an online stock account
  • Stamp 1 piece

Then follow the steps to open a new stock account in the online stock application. But before that, make sure you have registered or registered by creating an account in the stock application that you choose.

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How to Invest Buy BRI Stocks at IPOT from Indo Premier Sekuritas

  • Open the IPOT share App
  • Sign in by clicking login
  • Then click “simple buy”
  • Enter the code of the issuer of the stock you want to buy, if buying BRI shares, the code is BBRI
  • Click on the desired share price, if it’s in the BID section (if you want a lower price, but you have to queue to be able to buy shares)
  • Click on the stock price in the “Offer” section (if you want to buy shares directly without having to stand in line but the result is a high price)
  • Or you can directly fill in the column with the desired price
  • Enter the number of lots you want to buy (1 lot = 100 pieces)
  • Click OK to confirm your purchase
  • The order process has been completed
  • Check the status again in the buy order
  • If successful, the information “done” and “average” will appear

How to Buy BRI Stocks at Danareksa Sekuritas

  • Open the D’ONE Next G stock app
  • Login with username and enter password
  • Click login to enter
  • Then click the quotes menu
  • Click the quote details menu
  • Enter the code of the stock you want to buy. If you buy BRI shares, the code is BBRI
  • Then click buy
  • Enter the number of lots and the price you want to buy
  • Click the buy menu
  • The process of buying shares is complete

How to Buy BRI Stocks with MOST from Mandiri Sekuritas

  • Open the MOST application
  • Sign in with your username and password
  • Then click the three lines at the top right
  • Then click on the menu “orders”
  • Re-enter the verified PIN
  • Then click the Buy menu
  • Select a stock code by clicking on the search icon.
  • Enter the BBRI issuer code
  • Next, enter the purchase price you want and how many lots you want to buy
  • Click the Buy menu.
  • Click OK to confirm your purchase of shares.
  • The process of buying shares has been completed.