Find A Quick Way To BCA Stock Application

It’s very easy to buy shares now, you can buy them online. There are currently many stock options available, one of which is the BCA Shares Application. Just a few minutes, the shares we want to buy are ours.

New investors certainly do not want to take high risks. As a beginner investor, you should choose bluechip stocks because they have good and stable company performance in various economic conditions. One of them is BCA shares with the issuer code BBCA. It’s not surprising that many people want to own this BCA¬† stock.

Blue chip stocks are often dubbed as stocks that are resilient to various economic situations because they have excellent financial conditions and usually have been around for a long time. The company tries to increase revenue from year to year in order to continue to get an increase in share prices.

Even though the national economy is unstable, they try to stabilize profits so that they still get profits when distributing dividends. What blue chip stocks are among the choices of investors? One of the most popular choices for investors is the BCA stock application.

BCA Stock Application

BCA Sekuritas is currently innovating by presenting an application to make stock transactions easy to do with a smartphone in your hand called BCAS BEST MOBILE 2.0. Complete features available include Watchlist, Stock Info, Stock Chart, Real Time Market Data, Expert Order, Portfolio, and various other features.

BCA Sekuritas provides services in capital market transactions for individual customers, as well as institutional customers, including corporations, both for BCA Sekuritas customers and those who are not yet customers.

The BEST BCA application can be downloaded on Google Play and the Appstore which can be used for Android, IOS and PC.

Requirements for Registering a Share Account at BCA Sekuritas

The terms and conditions that have been implemented by BCA Sekuritas which has the SQ broker code are as follows:

  • Age 17 and over
  • Have an E-KTP
  • Photo of the front page of the BCA savings book
  • NPWP or certificate of not having NPWP
  • Initial Deposit and Fee for BCA Sekuritas transactions
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There are 2 options for BCA stock accounts, namely online accounts and offline accounts where transactions are made by sales.

The initial deposit for an online account is IDR 3,000,000. If you choose an offline account, the initial deposit is IDR 25 million.

For online transaction fees, the buying fee is 0.18% per transaction and the selling fee is 0.28% per transaction and for using sales broker services, the buying fee is 0.25% per transaction and the selling fee is 0.35% per transaction.

Advantages of BCA Securities

  • Has a stock game feature that helps clients perform technical analysis.
  • Complete with a smart signal feature that notifies buyers if the stock is trending up or down.
  • There is a quick order feature that can help investors buy or sell shares more quickly.
  • Easy to use
  • Access can be via a desktop or smartphone application.

How to Register BCA Sekuritas Online

  • First, contact Halo BCA 1500 888 to get your passcode before registering. If you have received a passcode, remember or write down the passcode before entering it into the app.
  • Then download the BCAS BEST MOBILE 2.0 application and click the “Open Account” menu.
  • After logging in, the application will ask the user for the passcode received previously from Halo BCA 1500 888.
  • After entering the passcode, click the Login menu.
  • Answer the application questions correctly before moving on to the next step.
  • Fill in complete personal data in the form of first name, middle name, last name and even nickname.
  • Prospective investors will also be asked to fill in their date of birth.
  • Select the source of funds that you want to invest and investment objectives, heir data and some employment data. If everything is filled in completely, click OK.
  • Write your name and signature to confirm that the personal information you entered is correct.
  • Upload required documents such as KTP, NPWP, and the front page of the savings book to the attachment column.
  • After that the user will be asked to fill in and agree to the securities account opening agreement, personal data, customer data and other information.
  • Carefully read the additional terms and conditions, and fill in any additional information that you need to fill in.
  • After confirming, you will receive a notification to the active email address that was previously registered containing the RDN (Customer Fund Account) number. Make sure the name displayed is correct.
  • Make an initial deposit to the BCA Customer Fund Account with a minimum deposit value of Rp. 3,000,000. It usually takes 1 day to get the RDN number
  • If all of these requirements have been met, registration is complete and investors can start trading shares on the capital market.
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How to Top Up RDN

The transfer method to RDN is the same as online bank transfers between BCA and make sure your deposit balance matches the minimum initial deposit.

  • Make inter-BCA transfer transactions as usual
  • Make sure you make an initial deposit equal to the minimum balance set.

How to Buy BCA Sekuritas Stocks By BCAS BEST Mobile 2.0

  • Open the app, enter your PIN and go to the portfolio page, check the available balance first.
  • Go to the “Stocks” page. To find the stock you want to buy, click the magnifying glass icon to . For example, you want to buy BCA shares that have the issuer code BBCA
  • Choose the price you want to buy, click “Buy”
  • Enter the number of lots (1 lot = 100 pieces) you want to buy. Do not exceed the amount of available funds. Click “BUY”
  • Check your order again by looking at the price and the number of lots. If everything is correct, continue buying until you see the message “Matched” which means you have successfully owned the shares that have been purchased.
  • Reopen the portfolio page. Later you will see the number of shares you have.
  • You now own BCA stocks.
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Usually in the afternoon you will receive an email confirming the purchase of shares. Is it that easy to buy shares through BCA Sekuritas? On the portfolio page you can also see the ups and downs of stock values. Shares that are already owned can be kept as long as you want. Want 1 year, or even 10 years. No fees apply.

How to Sell Stocks from the BCAS Application

If the stock price rises from the price you bought before, you can sell it and get a profit from the difference in the stock price.

These are the steps on how to sell stocks from BCA Sekuritas

  • Enter the portfolio menu and your Account PIN number
    On the portfolio page, there are stock codes that can be sold, click the stock code you want to sell, then click Sell
    Enter the price and the number of lots you want to sell, the total input price will be displayed automatically
    Check again and make sure the data is correct then click ok
    If a matched order appears, it means that someone already wants to buy the shares you are selling
    You have successfully sold the stock.