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Vehicles have now become a basic need for Indonesian citizens. Almost every house has at least one motorbike and has a car so using AXA car insurance is important to consider.

Unfortunately, not all vehicle owners realize that this valuable vehicle has the risk of being lost and damaged. Those who are not ready for this have a lot to lose.

This is where it is important to have vehicle insurance and you should consider AXA Mandiri car insurance.

This AXA Mandiri car insurance product provides protection for your vehicle, both personal and business vehicles.

Interestingly, AXA Mandiri car insurance works with various repair shops in 300 cities in Indonesia. Therefore, when you travel to various cities, AXA Mandiri always has protection.

The Difference Between All Risk and Total Loss Only (TLO)

Those of you who are interested in buying a car insurance policy will be faced with a difficult choice. Namely, the choice between the type of All Risk or Total Loss Only (TLO) car insurance.

When you want to apply for insurance, insurance companies usually offer these two packages. Car owners need to know the difference between the two in order to calculate a surcharge that suits their needs.

Total Loss Only (TLO) Car Insurance

Total loss only (TLO) means “only (if) total loss”. This TLO car insurance will accept claims that can only be made in the event of a “total loss”. What is meant by this total loss is damage that occurs above 75% or loss due to theft or robbery.

Thus, if the damage is less than 75%, no claim or compensation can be made. Why does it have to be 75%? Because that’s when the condition of the car is considered unfit for use. Usually, this type of TLO insurance premium is lower than all risk car insurance.

All Risk Insurance / Comprehensive Car Insurance

All risk can be interpreted as “all risk”, often also referred to as comprehensive insurance, which refers to the payment of claims for all types of damage, ranging from minor damage to major losses.

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Thus, there is no percentage limit to be able to withdraw claims. It doesn’t matter how badly the car is damaged, you will still receive the sum insured. However, because this type of insurance can ultimately cover all types of damage and loss to the vehicle, it is not surprising that the premium is much more expensive than the TLO premium.

Maybe even double. Before choosing, you should first compare which one is most needed and in accordance with your financial condition.

You can calculate the amount of insurance premiums and payments you actually receive. This calculation can be an illustration of how much profit you will get by choosing one of these vehicle insurances.

Usually, each insurance policy has its own policy regarding the calculation of this percentage. Because the percentage of each city will be different.

Types of AXA Mandiri Car Insurance

There are two types of AXA independent vehicle insurance for different vehicles, here are the details:

1. AXA Mandiri Car Insurance

This is a type of AXA auto insurance available for personal and commercial use. With more than 350 partner workshops in Indonesia, you can feel comfortable when your vehicle is damaged in an accident.

Because most AXA car insurance will cover the cost of damage. Costs are very transparent, because AXA will show all documents related to damage costs.

You will also get the facility of a tow truck, so you don’t have to worry anymore when your car breaks down in the middle of the freeway, far from the workshop, because the tow truck will help immediately. No kidding, you will be immediately serviced by an official repair shop.

2. Car Insurance AXA Mandiri RTI-GAP

Here are the types or choices of AXA Mandiri vehicle insurance that many users choose. Because it almost covers all costs related to damage to your car.

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The official website indicates that the validity period of this type of insurance is 5 years, with a premium fee starting from 0.127% of the value of the car. Keep in mind that to register as a police owner, your vehicle must be new.

AXA Mandiri RTI-GAP provides additional protection for motorized vehicles in the form of guarantees for the difference in the replacement value received under the motor vehicle insurance policy in the event of a total loss (whether due to damage, fire or theft) and loss of the original value of the vehicle.

How to Submit an AXA Mandiri Car Insurance Claim

When you decide to buy AXA insurance for your car or motorcycle, make sure you know the claim process. Many people fail to receive coverage claims simply because they do not pay attention to the conditions for filing a claim.

Both cases of damage or loss of the vehicle will be equally covered by this insurance. But make sure you do the right things in the application process.

At least, here are the procedures for claiming damage or loss of a car if you use AXA Mandiri car insurance:

AXA Mandiri Car Insurance Claim Procedure

Take various precautions to reduce losses in any way. This is done as a rescue operation to minimize and avoid further damage or loss.
Claim reporting that is immediately processed, within 5 x 24 hours, will avoid the possibility of loss of evidence of damage and failure to determine the cause of damage. In each claim report, the Policyholder is expected to refer to the reporting provisions that apply to the provisions of each policy. It is expected that the speed of filing a claim by the Insured will expedite the next claim process.
Please contact the staff at AXA Tower, Kuningan City 14 May 2012) or email [email protected].

AXA Mandiri Car Insurance Claim Requirements

The various document requirements that need to be prepared for payment of insurance claims are actually almost the same as other types of insurance.

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However, there is an important note when you want to file a claim, that is, you as the insured are not authorized to provide repair instructions before the insurance company completes the survey and issues the Claim Survey Findings Form and Work Order. to the Workshop (SPK).

  1. Partial Lost Documents and Partial Lost Stolen Documents
  2. Photocopy of the insured’s KTP/KTP (the insured)
  3. Photocopy of STNK
  4. Copy of driver’s license at the time of the accident
  5. Photocopy of motor vehicle insurance policy/certificate
  6. Fill out a motor vehicle damage claim form from the insurance company.
  7. Original Power of Attorney with Rp. 10,000 Stamp Duty (if the claim is submitted by another person with a photocopy of the policyholder’s ID and a photocopy of the Power of Attorney ID)
  8. Receipt of report/complaint or statement letter from local police (if the stolen claim is partially lost)

You also need to know that the types of insurance All risk and TLO Insurance listed above do not cover various losses arising from:

  1. Floods, hurricanes, storms, and water damage.
  2. Earthquake/Tsunami.
  3. Riot, riot
  4. Sabotage/terrorism
  5. Third Party Liability (TPL).
  6. Driver accident.
  7. Passenger accident.

If you want to be protected from various losses caused by the things above, be sure to add an extension of insurance which of course will cost you quite a lot, around 30% of the initial premium that must be paid.

In conclusion, if you frequently travel by car, you should choose all-risk insurance. Even if it is not used in the future, it can prevent heavy losses in the event of sudden damage or loss of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, for those of you who live in areas that often experience flooding, don’t forget to add an extension. Don’t be disappointed, when the flood comes, the car is damaged, because of the flood there is no insurance at all.

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