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All Risk Car Insurance

Higher mobility of society makes cars no longer categorized as luxury goods. Car prices that are increasingly affordable on the market make cars not only for the rich, the middle class has started to make cars an important necessity. Like health, we also have to protect the vehicles that we have. There are two choices of vehicle insurance, namely all-risk car insurance and TLO (Total Loss Only).

What Are the Benefits of All Risk Car Insurance?

As the name suggests, all risk car insurance is an insurance product that will protect your car from all possible risks. Such as the risk to provide protection against all types of accidents, from mild to serious, natural disasters, and also protect your car that is not accidental, such as being stolen. Another name for all risk car insurance is comprehensive car insurance, which means complete car insurance.

The difference between All Risk Car Insurance and TLO Car Insurance

TLO or Total Loss only insurance, will guarantee protection for more than 75% of damage to your vehicle or if it is lost due to theft. If your car is scratched or the mirror breaks when entering an alley or an accident will not be covered by insurance, because the damage is less than 75%.

All risk car insurance premiums are higher than TLO insurance, but your car is guaranteed against all risks of damage, whether small or large, even though your car is less than 75% damaged, you can still submit a claim to the insurance company.

Protection From All Risk Car Insurance

The all risk car insurance premium is quite high because the protection provided is also very high. What is the coverage of all risk car insurance coverage?

Collision, accident, impact, slipped, rolled over, or fell
Occurrence of car theft with or without violence
All forms of evil deeds from others
All the risks when crossing the sea by ferry
Lightning strike and fire
Crane costs and also transportation to the nearest repair shop
Wheel damage when accident

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Advantages of All Risk car insurance

The advantages of all risk car insurance that cannot be obtained with other types of car insurance, such as:

1. Wider benefits

If TLO car insurance only guarantees total damage and loss, all risk car insurance has protection by expanding coverage. All risk car insurance will protect your vehicle from special risks such as riots, natural disasters and third party liability such as other drivers being injured in an accident.

2. Full Car Protection

By using this all risk car insurance, even if your car is slightly damaged, you will still get protection from all risk car insurance.

3. Quieter

You no longer need to be afraid or worried when something bad happens to your car when you have all risk car insurance. This insurance will protect your car from all risks, besides that the burden of repair costs will not haunt your wallet. This will certainly make you more comfortable and calm.

Tips for Choosing All Risk Car Insurance

1. Choose a Trusted Insurance Company

It is important to choose a trusted insurance company that is reliable and has been proven to provide maximum service to its customers. In addition, buying all risk car insurance from a trusted company will minimize risks in the future.

2. Pay attention to the budget and its relevance to the benefits

What is no less important in buying all risk car insurance is paying attention to the budget and suitability of benefits so you don’t regret it later. Do not let you feel that the costs of insurance with the benefits received are not comparable.

3. Know the Policy Clearly

Before you buy an insurance policy with a certain premium, you must know the contents clearly. Because they do not understand the contents and terms of the policy clearly, many people feel cheated by the insurance product they have purchased.

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4. Do not choose insurance products that do not cover all kinds of risks.

Safe insurance products certainly provide protection from all kinds of risks. Make sure that the insurance product that you buy really covers all risks with a reasonable budget.

5. Know the Cost of Own Risk (OR)

Own risk costs are costs that must be borne by the policyholder personally for certain risks. You must know these fees and the amount before actually signing the policy.

6. Watch for exceptions to the policy.

Read it carefully and make sure that the content is exactly what you expected. You need to know which policies have exclusions with risks that are not covered by insurance.

7. Choose the product with the benefits that best suit your needs

Choose insurance that suits your needs and regional risks. Don’t buy an insurance product that doesn’t suit your needs because it’s useless, so the cost will seem more expensive.

8. Choose companies and products that work with an extensive network/seminar partners

When choosing an insurance product, choose a product that has an extensive network, especially in the area you live in. You will have trouble filing a claim if insurance doesn’t cover the repair shop you use for car repairs.

9. Choose a product with a simple application process

Finally, choose an insurance product whose claim process is easy and fast. The simple application process can save you time and energy.

Additional Benefits of Vehicle Insurance

If you buy all-risk car insurance, you get additional benefits from car insurance. So, what is included in all-risk insurance?

1. Mountain Eruptions, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis

Being in the ring of fire and also surrounded by the sea, of course there are risks from natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions which can result in the risk of serious vehicle damage. This of course requires a lot of service costs to be prepared to return the car to its original condition? Expansion of insurance premiums All risk cars can be relied upon to anticipate these things.

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2. Floods, Storms, Typhoons, Landslides and Hail.

The risk of unexpected natural events such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail and landslides can damage your vehicle at any time. If there is damage to the car as above it will require a very large and expensive cost to repair. It can even cost money that can be as high as a new car.

For that you need to protect your vehicle with all risk car insurance to anticipate bigger losses, you can add an extension of the insurance premium to your car protection. This insurance benefit extension is perfect for those of you who are in flood-prone areas,

3. Terrorism and Sabotage

Like riots and riots, we cannot avoid if the car becomes a victim of terrorism and sabotage. To fully protect your vehicle, you can use the benefits of this all risk car insurance.

4. Riots and Riots

If we are passing by the scene of a riot, the perpetrators can damage the car without choosing which car they will damage. If you become a victim of this incident, all risk car insurance will provide protection for your vehicle. This is the importance of expanding the benefits of all risk insurance to protect against damage and riots.

5. Legal Responsibilities to Third Parties

If you have been careless while driving and caused damage to a third party, the all risk car insurance company will provide compensation to the third party. So you can also be more relaxed when driving on the highway without any worries.

6. Personal Accident

If you have an unexpected accident, you can use advanced accident insurance benefits that can protect passengers from the risk of a car accident. Starting from medical expenses, disability, to loss of limbs, all costs are covered by insurance.

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