Car Insurance Only Pay For What You Drive

In cases like these auto insurance seems like a mandatory liability rather than a blessing in disguise. Even if you use your car infrequently you still have to pay a high premium every year. If you drive a car on public roads even once you must have valid motor vehicle insurance to avoid penalties. Does this mean I have to continue paying premiums for cars I rarely use?

There are ways to avoid paying high car insurance premiums for a car you dont use often. By purchasing a car insurance plan for your four wheeler you can get the best car insurance in India at an affordable price.

What Is Car Insurance Only Pay For What You Drive?

Pay as you drive is a type of car insurance policy that charges a premium based on car usage. It is a usage-based car insurance plan that takes into account the kilometers driven by the car in a certain period of time and charges a premium based on that. This type of motor insurance premium is directly proportional to the use of the car. This means that if you drive your car frequently you will pay a lower car insurance premium but if you drive frequently you will have to pay a higher premium amount. Pay as you go car insurance can also be considered pay as you go car insurance.

Pay as you drive car insurance entered the Indian insurance market in the first half of 2020. It has been available in the US for a long time but has come under the supervision of the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (IRDAI).

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Who Pays for Car Insurance Only Pay For What You Drive

If you have more than one car and you use one car regularly and the other car rarely then it is advisable to get a payment while driving car insurance for the rarely used car. If you only use your car for a few kilometers on special occasions you can choose Pay As You Drive insurance. It is ideal for car owners who rarely drive their vehicles as experienced drivers. This package is specially designed for people who travel mainly by public transport and rarely use a car. It can be used if you use your car in a hurry and in a hurry.

Benefit For Car Insurance Only Pay For What You Drive

Depending on your drive car insurance plans offer the following benefits to car owners:

Auto insurance premiums are low

Generally auto insurance companies will determine auto insurance premiums based on vehicle characteristics (manufacturer model vehicle age engine displacement) geographical location voluntary discounts and other factors. These factors help. Assessing an auto insurance providers liability in an emergency. Logically if you use your car infrequently your chances of an emergency are greatly reduced but your car insurance premiums will not be reduced. Depending on your current usage youll pay premiums for premium car insurance. Cars You will be charged lower premiums if your car is used less. So if you drive less often premium coverage will lower your premiums.

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Customize your insurance according to your preferences

Pay-as-you-drive auto insurance allows you to tailor your coverage to your needs. In addition to self-injury insurance and mandatory third-party coverage these plans offer additional coverage such as no-wear roadside assistance coverage. These add-ons extend the coverage of your basic auto insurance policy to suit your needs and preferences but come at an additional premium. Additionally if you have already exhausted your mileage limit you can convert to a higher mileage flat or recharge your flat limit and pay your driving charges during your policy term. If you dont like the amount youre paying for driving with your auto insurance plan you can switch back to your insurance companys regular auto insurance plan.

Install a telematics device for free

If you buy car insurance that you pay for as a driver your car insurance company will install telematics in your car for free. You will not be asked to pay for the telematics device or its installation on your four-wheeler. Additionally the telematics device will monitor the health of your car and track the kilometer balance based on your chosen number plate. The device will also monitor your driving habits.

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Float insurance for multiple vehicles

Some auto insurance companies offer variable coverage options under their motorist insurance plans. This option is suitable for those who own more than one car. Floater coverage allows you to cover all your cars with one car insurance policy. So floater insurance pays for it when you plan driving Best car insurance in India for people with more than one car No need to buy separate car insurance policy for each car.

Third party coverage at all times

One of the main advantages of paying for insurance is that you get third party coverage for the duration of the policy even after your mileage limit expires. Third party coverage is activated throughout the year after you purchase the policy. If you do not renew your policy before the expiry date you will lose your car damage cover. But third party coverage will continue on your car until the policy expires.

Big Savings on Car Insurance

Some auto insurance companies offer discounts to car owners when they renew their insurance while driving. Depending on the insurance company you can save as little as 5 to 25% on your premiums further reducing your car insurance.