Car Insurance Quotes For Teachers

As a teacher or school staff member you spend countless hours teaching your community and the next generation. Teacher Travel Discounts Thank you for your service to our insurance agents who show their appreciation for educators by offering discount teacher auto insurance.

Teachers can sometimes get lower rates for auto insurance than other drivers. Some insurers include the driving profession in their premiums while others offer special discounts for teachers. Some insurers offer special coverage for teachers needs for example excluding deductibles for damage to school property.

Many insurance companies offer discounts and/or benefits for certain professions including teachers. You can also combine teacher car insurance discount with home insurance to save even more. Other auto insurance companies offer discounts to teachers through associations and organizations.

Car Insurance Quotes For Teachers

There is no guarantee that every state and insurance company will offer discounts for teachers. With that in mind lets list some other ways to save money on auto insurance.

Multiple discounts

If you own a home or rent an apartment you may have renters or homeowners insurance. In this case you can save money by combining your policies into one package. See below for estimated savings by combining a car with home or renters insurance.

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If you dont have renters insurance or home insurance consider this. They are relatively inexpensive and can provide protection to your assets in the event of major damage or if you are found legally liable for the loss of your property.

Be smart with your coverage

Unlike a home a vehicle does not gain value over time. Instead it depreciates. If you own a car and the cost of carrying comprehensive and collision insurance is more expensive than the payout you would receive in the event of a claim consider dropping this coverage. Determine the value of your car using Kelley Blue Book or NADA. If your car is worth less than $4000 you may not need physical protection. If you need this coverage but still want to lower your premiums consider increasing your deductible. By increasing your deductible you lower your premiums while taking on more financial responsibility.

Be smart with your claims

Another benefit of increasing your deductible is that it discourages you from using up. Insurance experts recommend that you only use your collision coverage if your vehicle is significantly damaged. How your fee will be collected after filing a claim. Most insurance companies will bill you at fault for three years after the accident or violation. Heres how to decide whether or not you should file a lawsuit.

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Look around you

As an insurance customer for teachers or any profession the best thing you can do is buy car insurance frequently. Teacher discounts are very rare so you dont have to be the only company offering this benefit. Companies that do not offer this discount may be cheaper options.

Best Car Insurance Quotes For Teachers

In addition to offering discounts on auto insurance some insurance companies offer coverage tailored to a teachers needs. If you are a teacher interested in protecting your car and other personal property while in school we recommend the following auto insurance companies:

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a large national insurance company that provides auto insurance for teachers. This coverage includes:

  • Collision deductible coverage for accidents that occur while you are driving for business.
  • Damage to your vehicle caused by vandalism while on campus or during a school event is not covered.
  • Coverage is $2500 per occurrence of theft or damage to school property or educational materials in your vehicle.
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Horace Mann

Educators who purchase auto insurance from Horace Mann receive the Educator Advantage package at no additional cost. The package includes a number of useful features for teachers including:

  • New car replacement insurance which covers the cost of replacing your car if you have a total.
  • Vandalizing or vandalizing school property or school activities.
  • Additional emergency roadside service coverage.
  • Liability insurance when transporting students in a Horace Mann insured car.
  • Covers up to $1000 for any personal property you use as a teacher.
  • Your car was stolen.
  • Up to $1000 in pet injury insurance.


Meemic sells car insurance to teachers in Illinois Michigan Wisconsin and Georgia. With the teachers discount you get the following benefits from Meemic: Full discount waived if your loss occurs on school property. Liability coverage while driving students to and from school activities. Repairs are made using OEM parts. Accidental injuries sustained by uninsured policyholders are waived and covered under Meemics policy for five years.