How Much Is Car Insurance Plans For 18 Year Olds?

Affordable car insurance plans for 18 year olds young driver can be challenging. Many 18-year-olds graduate from high school and enter the real world but car insurance companies consider them a high risk because of their relative lack of driving experience. Being in a car accident or receiving a summons about your driving record. So their average car insurance premiums tend to be higher than those of older drivers.

How Much Is Car Insurance Plans For 18 Year Olds?

Insurance costs are usually much lower on a parents plan and an 18-year-old driver on their own plan. The average 18-year-old pays relatively high premiums for auto insurance. The average full coverage plan costs $5.320 per year and the minimum coverage is $1.714. The average 18-year-old driver pays $3.352 a year for full coverage. 18-year-olds are generally less experienced than older drivers and therefore charge more.

Drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are more likely than any other age group to be involved in a car accident. But a gradual decline can be expected as drivers grow and experience more driving. Depending on the parents policy car insurance plans for 18 year olds driver will pay 6% years of full coverage compared to a 17-year-old driver with the same type of insurance.

Administration (NHTSA) show that road traffic crashes are the leading cause of death among teens in the country killing more than 2000 young drivers aged 15-19 in 2019 alone. Insurance companies charge young drivers more.

There are many different ways young drivers can save money on car insurance. Most of them involve taking advantage of the best auto insurance discounts available but there are other strategies as well. car insurance plans for 18 year olds you may want to take a closer look at these tips.

Good Student Discount

Teens who enter high school or college with good grades are statistically less likely to speed or swerve. For this reason many insurance companies reward good scores with discounts. You can only take advantage of this discount if you are a full-time student and must submit a copy of your most recent literature to prove that your grades meet. Each insurance company has its own insurance requirements but most providers require that you be under 25 years of age and maintain a GPA of at least 30.

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Distance Student Discount

If you plan to study without a car you may be eligible for a distance student discount. However this option is usually only available if you provide a parents policy. You can generally still drive at home but you may need to contact your company to determine specific rules.

Usage-Based Auto Insurance and Telematics Discounts

Many companies offer discount programs that track your driving habits through mobile apps or telematics devices and offer you personalized discounts. Usage-based programs like Nationwides SmartMiles track your mileage and allow you to pay based on how many miles you drive because the less time you spend on the road the lower your risk of an accident. Other telematic discounts such as Snapshot Progressive track your driving habits and reward discounts based on your driving performance including hard braking and speeding.

Choose a higher reduction.

If you are fully covered by insurance you may include two deductibles. One is full coverage and the other is collision coverage. When you file a claim for vehicle damage you pay the appropriate deduction and your insurance company pays the rest of the claim. In general increasing the deductible will lower the premium. This saves your company money because you are willing to pay more in the event of a claim. However if you make a claim you must ensure that you can afford the deductible.

Take advantage of discounts

Most insurance companies offer discounts and do everything they can to help you save money. In addition to good discounts on distance learning and telematics for students you can also buy insurance from the same company as your parents and from the same company as your renter by owning a vehicle with safety features like anti-lock braking Buy to save money. Auto insurance is often eligible for bundled discounts.

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Our take on teen car insurance providers Its important to compare average car insurance rates for your 18-year-old to save on annual car premium costs. Whether you are looking for the most affordable plan or the safest plan for your children you should check out the policies offered by Geico and Progressive. Our research found that these providers have affordable rates and good coverage for new drivers.

In our comprehensive guide weve rounded up the cheapest auto insurers for 18-year-old drivers—and some easy ways to save.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is the best for teen drivers after comparing the best 18-year-old car insurance plans for teens. A well-known brand serving young adults and parents with dependents since 1912 it has a 45 out of 50 star rating.

Some useful safety benefits for young drivers include:

Accident forgiveness; This plan protects your premium from rate hikes after the first accident that can help new drivers.
Roadside Assistance: Liberty Mutual will cover tire change towing service battery drain service lockout service and fuel delivery service when your teens car is disabled.

The RightTrack® usage-based program is another popular way to save money on youth auto insurance and reward safe driving choices. Discounts are based on total night mileage braking and acceleration. If youre interested we encourage you to read our full Liberty Mutual review and contact the agency for the best deals in your area.


Cheapest for Most Drivers Geico is our top pick for the best car insurance for kids 18 and under. Erie is only available in twelve states and USAA is only available to military members veterans and their families Geico is the cheapest airline with nationwide availability. We estimate that average Geico rates are about 36 percent lower than the national average for 18-year-olds. Geico also offers quality driver education and student discounts that can lower prices for teen drivers.

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State Farm

If youre looking for a reliable provider to cover high school students or recent graduates State Farm Insurance is for you. An extensive list of student driver discount driving programs and utilization-based programs are offered to parents of young drivers in nearly every state in the United States.

Through State Farm your 18-year-old student can enjoy the following discounts:

  • Forgiveness of accidents. this plan will protect your premiums from price increases after your first accident which can benefit new drivers.
  • Road assistance. Liberty Mutual will cover battery drain service late flap replacements and fuel delivery when your childs car is disabled.


USAAs low rates are another low-cost option for 18-year-old drivers with average rates about 42 percent lower than regular auto insurance costs for this age group. Your child may be eligible for USAA if one of you enlists or is discharged from the military. You can also continue to receive parental status if you are a USAA member.

USAA offers reliable customer service in addition to low fares. Recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and J.D. Get a rating from the U.S. Power 2021. Auto Claims Satisfaction Survey℠ scored 909 out of 1000 and is highly rated.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Operates in 26 states and offers a variety of driver protection and discount options. The student discount of 20 well up to 0ng applies if you are over 18 and maintain a B average or above. If youre in your twenties you can get a discount for teen driver monitoring.