Now You Can Have Your Commercial Lawn Care Insurance

Meeting your customers needs (and schedules) is part of the job as a lawn care business owner. When you need insurance coverage you need to place a last-minute order five minutes in advance or months in advance.

General liability insurance is designed to protect third parties from financial liability resulting from personal injury property damage and personal and business damage. It also provides probate and legal protection for claims against you and your business even if you are not ultimately responsible. Here are some examples that lawn care businesses face.

Third Party Non-Employee Personal Injury: You are using a leaf blower to clean up a customers yard. Lower the leaf blower when bagging leaves. While leaving the house a customer fell on the fan and was injured.

Third Party Property Damage: While mowing the customers lawn your mower throws a rock and breaks the customers window. not well. You may be liable for property damage.

How Much Does Commercial Lawn Care Insurance Cost?

The cost of lawn care insurance depends on many factors. Postcode coverage restrictions such as group size coverage periods serve to determine the risks associated with insuring a turf management business.

But you dont have to commit to an expensive long-term policy. Adjusting your coverage on a monthly or hourly basis gives you access to flexible lawn care insurance. Additionally if you need to add more insured persons you can get coverage at no extra cost.

What Type Commercial Lawn Care Insurance Professionals Need

General Liability Commercial Lawn Care Insurance

Comprehensive liability insurance covers a wide range of lawn care and mowing accidents and major perils. You may receive financial protection if someone other than your employee is injured or held liable for damage to property that is not yours. Often required by project owners and individual clients. Liability insurance for lawn care businesses includes E for contractors.

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Professional Liability Commercial Lawn Care Insurance

Professional indemnity (also known as errors and negligence) insurance helps you if youre accused of doing something wrong that causes someone to lose money. For example if you are accused of using fertilizer to burn grass in a customers yard this may help you pay for repairs or resume work.

Commercial Auto Lawn Care Insurance

Most states require commercial auto insurance for commercial vehicles to help pay for medical expenses and property damage. Personal auto insurance usually does not provide coverage if you scratch a nearby vehicle while unloading equipment from your work truck.

Workers’ Compensation Commercial Lawn Care Insurance

Most states require companies with one or more employees to carry workers compensation insurance that covers work-related injuries or illnesses of employees. Workers comp also provides attorney fee coverage and settlement in the event of a personal injury lawsuit or pesticide claim. Many sole proprietors purchase workers compensation insurance for themselves because their personal health insurance is unlikely to cover work-related injuries. Workers compensation can also cover some of your lost pay if a work-related injury leaves you unable to work.

Tools & Equipment Commercial Lawn Care Insurance

Tool and equipment insurance ensures your equipment is safe wherever it goes: on your trailer or on a construction site. If you dont own or rent property and regularly bring expensive lawn equipment to your job site.

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Commercial Property Commercial Lawn Care Insurance

Commercial property insurance pays you for the value of stolen or damaged property that you need to operate your rental business. Even if you dont own or rent a commercial space this policy may cover items stored in a specific location such as your home or a storage unit. Its important to find additional coverage for any equipment you typically bring to job sites because standard property insurance doesnt cover items in transit outside of your business location.

Should I Prioritize Quality Or Cost When Buying Insurance?

Whatever lawn care insurance you decide on dont just cut corners to keep premium costs down. Buy a plan that offers the best protection so you dont have to pay for unexpected events. For example consider the replacement value option when purchasing commercial property insurance. It will cover the cost of replacing a stolen three-year-old lawnmower with a brand new equivalent.

Cash value insurance is usually cheaper but only compensates you for the cost of your current mower leaving your business to replace the extra cost of a new model. It can also be tempting to buy basic health insurance with the big Japanese ones because the premiums are cheap. However a lower deductible will help cover your expenses if you lose large and very expensive equipment.

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Do I Need Certificate Of Liability For My Business?

A Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) is a document from your insurance company that shows you have liability coverage for your lawn care business. Many clients and landlords ask for it before signing a contract or renting a property.

Some insurance companies issue these certificates through the post office and it may take several days to receive them. With Insurian you can get proof of insurance in a matter of hours.

Make Sure Insurance Policy Has You Need?

As with any business contract read your insurance policy carefully before signing. You can ask the responsible person to explain any terms you do not understand. If a client requires a certain type of coverage to get the job done agents can also help make sure they have everything they need to meet those needs.

Knowing exactly what lawn care insurance covers and what it doesnt will help you manage your risks and better plan for future disasters.

Additional Steps To Protect Your Business

Investing in business insurance is easy (and necessary) but it shouldnt be your only defense. Here are some things you can do to better protect your lawn care business:

  • Use legal contracts and other business documents. (We offer free templates for some common legal forms.)
  • Create an LLC or corporation to protect your personal assets. (Visit our step-by-step guides to learn how to form an LLC or corporation in your state.)
  • Stay up-to-date on business licensing.
  • Maintain a corporate mask.